A Response to Brooklyn Gentrification

Whether you think gentrification’s good, bad, natural, or […]

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8bit Mondays

Badass Beer Tasting at The Jug Shop

When I was invited to spend Friday evening at "The Jug Shop" two images came to my mind.  Either I was headed to a sweet backalley


Learn to Locavore + FREE Refreshments

Knowing how to eat is all the rage these days. While once our ancestors were content to merely find something edible and then eat it, the


The Search for the Perfect Neighborhood Hangout

During an episode of How I Met Your Mother, the statement "We need a MacLaren's!" was uttered, like a wish whispered into the night

Tomorrow night: FREE Homemade Pie at Omnivore Books

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="280" caption="FREE PIE @ Omnivore Books"][/caption] I really love how many events these days are centered around local food, and this one sounds pretty sweet (as

Farmer’s Market Etiquette 101

I'd be hard pressed to find someone in New York City to argue negatively about the idea of eating more locally grown produce or locally made foods.  Let's

The Arctic vs. The Bay: The 2009 Eat Real Festival

I just got back from Alaska, which to me, a liberal, vegan, and judgmental Californian, appeared to be a backwards, behind-the-times, redneck state with stunningly gorgeous