Make Like a Flapper and Enjoy Your Twenties

A friend of mine recently posted this piece […]

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Youth in Revolt

Broke-Ass Book List: Youth Gone Wild

Feeding your mind by reading is a Broke-Ass lifestyle essential. What other activity gets you so much for so little cost (i.e., free). I'm an avid reader, my

Tracking Inflation Via The Food of My Youth

Even prior to continuous string of awful financial downturns that have defined our past few years, many of us already knew what was up. The armchair

The Future of Pranks

One of my favorite memories of my adolescence was pulling hilarious pranks on unsuspecting fools.  Prank calls, toilet-papering houses, the ole rubber band on the kitchen

Dating Movies From Your Youth

There are a number of movies that defined my childhood/teen years, though only a few that I cannot even try and separate from my dating years back then. 

Have a Sexy Childhood

Rainbow Brite was pretty much my best friend in the world as a child. I had her doll, the dolls of her friends, and even her ride--a unicorn

Overboard Party at South Street Seaport

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="274" caption="This could be YOU!"][/caption] It's scary to think about, but summer is kind of, sort of coming to an end. I know it won't officially

New York, I Love You

I had planned to write about something else entirely today, until I read Stuart's post.  I recently moved to Boston from NYC and if I talked about