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Get depressed, maybe angry, then add drunk to the list

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Ah, a collegiate night on the UWS. Somewhat responsible, at that, for a while at least. Columbia is showing 'œShake Hands with the Devil', a documentary following a visit to Rwanda by the UN appointed general who was left powerless to intervene in the massacre of ~800,000 in 1994. I’ll be ripe with frustration, anger, dejection, and depression just in time for the panel discussion/weeping . Here is the blurbita from the event’s Facebook page:

One man was tasked by the United Nations with ensuring that peace was maintained in Rwanda РCanadian Lieutenant General Rom̩o Dallaire. But unsupported by U.N. headquarters and its Security Council far away in New York, Dallaire and his handful of soldiers were incapable of stopping the genocide.
After ten years of mental torture, reliving the horrors daily and more than once attempting suicide, Roméo Dallaire has poured out his soul in an extraordinary book. Shake Hands With The Devil is a cri de coeur. The General pulls no punches in his condemnation of top UN officials, expedient Belgian policy makers and senior members of the Clinton administration who chose to do nothing as Dallaire pleaded for reinforcements and revised rules of engagement.

Although it will be edifying, I think I’ll need to find some grounding balance, Yin for the Yang. That’s why I’ll probably end up at the 3 Olive Vodka open bar down the street at Jake’s Dilemma, where the main problem will be getting the key in the hole at home. And that’s no double entendre friend.

Film and Panel Discussion:

When: Thursday, March 12th 6-9pm

Where: Columbia School of International and Public Affairs, , room IAB 1501, 15th floor (420 West 118th Street)

Open Bar:

When: Thursday, March 12th 11pm-12am

Where: Jake’s Dilemma (430 Amsterdam Ave, between 80th & 81st)

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