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Snuggie Wars! Free Crawl Tomorrow Vs. $20 Crawl on the 18th

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The Snuggie is an interesting phenomenon, not because of its similarity to the standard stable blanket, nor its druid-inspired aesthetic.  A huge, fleece blanket with sleeves and a hood just makes sense. No, it is interesting because of the fan culture of the product and its decimation of its competitor the Slanket, which I believe is a “slob’s blanket”. I mean, the fervor of fans is like Tony Little of the oft-hocked, rarely bought Gazelle, has defected and is now a body-snatcher replicating himself in all snuggie owners.

Get turned on to Tony Little!

Anyway, if you think you share his enthusiasm (and good looks), you can rock your armed, soft, body-tarp at the FREE Snuggie bar crawl tomorrow.  This one is run by NYC based  Snuggie lovers, whereas the “Official” (not technically official) Crawl on the 18th is being run by some Chicago dwellers and costs $20. Of course, when you are wearing a blanket engineered for optimal remote usage in public, integrity is always a priority.

Be sure to check out the grassroots webpage (“by Snuggie lovers, for Snuggie lovers”, like FUBU!), where they candidly state their purpose and thoughts concerning the capitalist venture.  Also, good to know that the 18th Event is being undermined since it is billed as the 1st! Snuggie Crawl in New York.  Well, I gues that’s wrong.  For some reason I feel on par with the “inventors” of the snuggie and would suggest a flask pocket if this phenom. continues.


Non A-Hole Crawl

When: Saturday, April 11 @ 1pm

Where: The Snug @ 751 9th Avenue. 51st Street

Facebook Page

A-Hole Crawl ($20-$25 tickets)

When: April 18th (making officially the 2nd Snuggie Pub Crawl, not the 1st in NYC) @ noon – 8 pm

Where: Starting at Village Pourhouse (64 Third Ave. @ 11th street) Full list of venues here

Official Page here

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