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Memorial Day Weekend in NYC

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Last night I went to a SaveFashion event sponsored by Refinery29. Like “Save the Whales”,  Save Fashion is dedicated to supporting and protecting the noblest and most preyed upon  of creatures: the New York Fashion Designer. There was a bunch of  complimentary Alize and Amstel Light and deep discounts on some awesome clothes.   One hot dress and a  tote bag later,  I am challenging myself to spend no more than $60 American dollars this weekend. I know that might seem like a decent amount of cash, and its possible to survive in NYC on a lot less but this is Memorial Day Weekend! Some people are headed to the Hamptons, Fire Island or some other Beach Boys shit, but for those of us staying in the city there are plenty of cheap ways to celebrate three days of warm weather, high spirits and Amurrican Pride!

Friday Night:
It’s not only Deb from my office’s birthday today, it’s also the birthday of pop legend Steven Patrick Morrissey, known to you as Morrissey.  He’s celebrating over in Manchester with some kind of concert, but we’ll be celebrating in Brooklyn at Glasslands Gallery where for $6 you can hear Kaki King, Beta Beta, The Bodega Girls and Stationary Set, AND get lifted on some free Colt 45 between 9 and 10 PM.

“Manchester?” You’re saying. “That’s England!  Didn’t they kill a bunch of our soliders in this one war?  The very soldiers we should be honoring this weekend?”

Yes, Billy, they did. But we won that war, and you’ve earned the right to celebrate their continued defeat with swig after swig of that icy cold Colt 45.  These colors don’t run

Glasslands – 29 Kent Avenue at South 1st Street

Saturday :

I’m going to be sleepin late and then taking the edge off that Malt Liquor Hangover by eating my way through the day at PARKED! a festival celebrating the best food trucks in NYC,  at The Yard  in Brooklyn.  The event is free and the food is from a truck, so you know it’s the economically sound choice.  Nothing says “Bald Eagle Pride” quite like diggin’ into some Mexican food from theRed Hook Huarache vendors. The Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Truck, Pizza Moto and something called the Community Juice Truck will be on hand as well to help mask the unique and heady fragrance of the Gowanus canal.  And I’ll be there, too. Shoveling food into my face and then staggering home to take a nap. Cuz that’s free, too.
The Yard 388'“400 Carroll St., nr. Bond St., Brooklyn

Saturday Night
In keeping with the theme of the limited hour open bar,  I’m heading to The Trash Bar in Williamsburg. $7 bucks gets you open bar from 8 until 9 which is coincidentally when the awesome band Peephole is set to perform.  They also have free tater tots.  Stick around for the rest of the bands (Talker, Wolfe & The Wayside, The New Time) and wait for the late night drink specials: $3 PBRs AND $6 Jack & Back (PBR & Shot Of Jack Daniels) starts at 1 AM.

256 Grand Street Brooklyn

Or just get drunk during the open bar and stagger out into the night and head over to Studio B for their Roller Derby Disco Party. DJ $mall Change is gonna be there along with  DJ Ayres from The Rub and probably a bunch of chicks in American Apparel gear trying to make this happen.
5 bucks for entry with RSVP, and they are also boasting Free Colt 45 from 10-11, with Colt45 specials that continue throughout the night.

259 Banker St Brooklyn, NY 11222 – (718) 389-1880

A proper Brunch is out of the question on this budget–grab a sandwich and pass out on the grass at a park near you for a few hours if the weathers nice.f it’s not , go home pack a bowl and make fun of stupid movie trailers you watch on Or go to the Met or something–suggested donation = $1.

If you’re not lucky enough to be invited to someones barbecue on this, our most beer-drinkingest, burger-eatingest holiday (besides the 4th of July, that is ) than I feel truly sorry for you.  But, loser,  you can head over to ArtLand in Williamsburg where there’s free BBQ, no cover and an extensive list of DJs for your listening pleasure.
ArtLand 609 Grand Street, Williamsburg, BKLYN.

Fuck yeah, Indeed.

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