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Unstill Life: FREE Theater! FREE John Hodgeman Reading!

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Unstill Life, an Night of Original Plays

“Theater” can mean a lot of things, ranging from something the creepiest guy on campus invites you to see to a group of talented local actors performing interesting and funny material. Thankfully, Unstill Life is a collection of plays by Craig McNulty that fall into the later category. “The theme is about a lot of crazy people stuck in a place, but they’re being very unstill about being stuck,” said director Margaret Champagne. In plays with titles like Art as an Excuse to Drink and Screw, Edvard Munch’s Happy Painting, Ajax and Prozac, Mission Unaccomplished and Pink Dress, characters find themselves arguing about Munch paintings in galleries, talking about dog antidepressants with their ex, and convincing their brothers not to jump off a building. The ticket price is a suggested $5 donation, or for $15 you get to see some awesome plays and get free drinks at the bar, instead of forking out uncut diamonds to get a tiny bottle of Sutter Home zinfandel.

Unstill Life
The Bridge Theater, at Shelter Studios 12th floor
244 West 54th Street Between Broadway and 8th Ave [Manhattan]
Wednesday, November 4, 8pm
Sunday, November 8, 3pm
Donate what you wish, or $15 for all you can drink

John Hodgeman Reading

Do you know which of our presidents had a hook for a hand? (If you do, you should’ve gone to this). Or how to predict the future by looking at a pig’s spleen? John Hodgeman sure does, and he’ll reveal some of his secret knowledge tonight. Hodgeman is the Daily Show‘s Resident Expert and the PC on the Mac commercials, but I was hooked when I read his chart comparing lobster-claw and pigeon-foot deformities. He’s reading at Barnes and Noble tonight, and has more information about mole men and the moon landing than you require.

Barnes & Noble
33 East 17th Street, between Broadway and Park Avenue South [Manhattan]
Wednesday, November 4, 7pm

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