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Tree Lightin’ and Figure Skatin’

Updated: Dec 05, 2009 15:53
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Photo Courtesy of MissBinNYC

Photo Courtesy of MissBinNYC

You thought I was talking about Rockefeller Center, didn’t ya?  Well I wouldn’t do you like that, dear readers.  As someone who grew up within vomiting distance of Rockefeller Center, I spent many a miserable, overcrowded, annoying December 4th being dragged by my parents (along with my sister and any out of town guests who had the misfortune of visiting us that particular weekend) into Manhattan to watched the famed tree lighting and get my toes stepped on and get pushed and shoved by tourists. Did a visit to FAO Schwartz and a food-cart pretzel help ease the angst? Yes.  Yes it did. But still, it sucks and it’s not even really that exciting. You know why? Because it’s a lit up pine tree in the midst of what is, essentially, a glorified mall, next to an overcrowded rink that you have to pay for.

Over at Bryant Park, however, they do things real classy-like.  Say what you will about the overpriced Bryant Park Cafe, and the fake lawn; when it comes to Christmas time that shit is a motherfucking Winter Wonderland.The back of the gorgeous NY Public Library, the lovely terrace of the Bryant Park Cafe, and the imposing figure of 4 Times Square looming only blocks away add to the delightfully old world charm of the tree lighting.

This evening, swing by for a more elegant, understated sort of tree lighting, and a FREE skating rink, which apparently will be the spot for some Broadway musical performers.  Sound kinda cheesy and lame? Well that’s why the good Lord invented hip flasks, m’friend.  Fill yours up with whiskey from nearby Beekman Liquors on 47th and Lexington and have an absolute ball.

Friday  7 p.m

Bryant Park [42nd St and 5th Ave]


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