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Housing Works V-Day Mixer

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I know that even those of us in relationships are sick to death of all of the Valentine’s Day coverage that the Internet spews forth like so many partially chewed-up conversation hearts.  That being said, it IS almost Valentine’s Day and we DO all have to do something with ourselves tonight.  So if you are, in fact, searching for an activity that might net you a Valentine for 2010, swing by Housing Works tonight at 7 PM for “Crazy in Love: A Valentine’s Mixer for Gals and Gays”.

I’m just now realizing that this is alittle bit confusing–if the mixer is for “gals and gays” does it mean straight “gals”  or only gay ones? Because in that case wouldn’t it be a mixer for straight guys as well, seeing as that’s generally what straight girls are after? Or is “gays” specifically designed to refer to gay men and are we to assume that the “gals” in question would then necessarily be lesbians?

Oh heterodominance, must you consistently weave such a tangled, tangled web?

Judging from the somewhat confusing copy on the Housing Works website I’m gathering that this is a queer-focused event.  So okay!!  If you are queer and want to go, you’ll be treated to hot pink punch, DIY valentines and a music from guests Ménage à Twang, a Brooklyn-based all-girl country comedy trio.

Friday 7 p.m.
Housing Works Cafe
126 Crosby St between Lafayette and Broadway

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