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Dolores Park is the Best Place Ever

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Yet another wonderful day in Dolores Park

Yet another wonderful day in Dolores Park

It seems that every February we get 3 or 4 blessed days in a row that feel like Spring time.  We are apparently in the midst of that right now and I can’t be fucked to sit inside and write about things.  I NEED to go to Dolores Park.  So that’s what I’m gonna do.

I know we a write  about how much we love sitting parks on sunny days (like here) but it’s gorgeous right now os I figure if you can’t be outside at least you can read this and pretend.  If you’re heading to the park, don’t forget your Dolores Park Etiquette.  Otherwise  here is the write up  about Dolores Park from my SF book:

One of the really cool things about this park is that it is basically where the Castro, the Mission, and Noe Valley all meet. So on any given sunny day the park becomes a great cross-section of the entire city. If you go to the top of the park (it’s on a hill) you get a big view of downtown and the bay, and if it is sunny you get a view of more men in Speedos than a European high school swim meet. Hey, whatever floats your boat.

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