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Street Art Goes Legit During FREE Friday Night Soirée at the DeYoung

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Is it still street art if it's in a museum?

Imagine for a moment a world where Street Art is prominently displayed on the walls of a well-respected art museum. Imagine a world where trash is turned into something other than a big pile around the trash can because the trash can is full. A world where every cold, irony-shriveled heart North of Caesar Chavez actually attends and enjoys a city-sanctioned event without (too much) complaining.

No, it’s not some sci-fi nightmare movie, it’s this week’s edition of the de Young Museum‘s free Friday Night Soirées and it involves a lot Mission artists whose work you’ve probably seen painted along the alleyways of the 94110. The works will be projected onto the walls of the museum, while live music and DJ sets will set the mood from 5pm until 9-ish so you can really get that, “I’m drunk and walking through the Mission” experience while you take in the artwork.

Oh and the best part? Artist-in-Residence Jeanine Briggs will be building the Detritussaurus – a full-scale dinosaur made entirely from trash recycled materials. (Full scale? Seriously? What kind of dinosaur are we talking about here? I hope it’s Diplodocus because that guy was huge.)

Mission Muralismo celebrates the Graff Convention
Friday, July 2nd
5pm – 9ish
FREE at the de Young Museum
50 Hagiwara Tea Garden Drive [Golden Gate Park/Inner Richmond]
Full Details on the de Young Site

Thanks to Johnny Funcheap for the tip.

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Andrew Dalton - Aggressive Panhandler

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