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Free Energy, Best Coast, and Loose Limbs Play by the Sea

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I’m afraid of the beach.

I know you didn’t ask, and its likely you don’t care – but it matters. And its irrational. My fear of the beach has no experiential basis. Sure, BP might have added to my phobia, but my fear remains source-less.

But Best Coast is my cure. When I hear Best Coast frontwoman Bethany Cosentino’s voice, all my fear vanishes. The the unease, the doubt, the uncertainty – its all washed away by the same waves that I have for so long feared. Best Coast’s simple, reverb-soaked instrumentation, coupled with Cosentino’s simple, sincere lyrics, somehow makes me yearn for a place that I tend to actively avoid. “The coast, the water,” Best Coast says to me, “really isn’t that bad. So chill out.”

And I do. It’s wonderful, this music, and its wonder is further amplified by the fact that Best Coast will be making its way over to South Street Seaport tonight at 7 PM.

The band won’t be alone. Free Energy and Loose Limbs will also be in attendance, playing at 6 PM and 8 PM respectively. The trio of ensembles will take the stage as a part of this summer’s Seaport Music Festival, which hosted Avi Buffalo last week. Like previous shows, this one will be absolutely FREE. Just like the ocean.

Seaport Music Festival
Seaport Pier 17
89 South Street [Near Fulton St.]

image courtesy of parttimemusic on flickr.

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