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East River Bar: Getting Williamsburg Properly Drunk

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While the original use for this huge bar was a paint factory, the only things currently being produced here are very drunk people.  With the exception of me that is.  Every time I come here I’m already too drunk.  In fact, the first time I was here was when my close friends, Nick and Laura, were visiting from Philly, and their friend Kalen brought us.  The next day I had no idea where the bar was, nor its name, so I couldn’t find it until months later when someone brought me here smashed once again.  This time I made sure to write down the name of it on a bar napkin and stuff it in my pocket.

So, East River Bar, you thought you could elude me didn’t you.  Well you were wrong. You can’t keep me away from a place this big, that has such a great jukebox, and allows me to grill my own food outside.  You’re mine now bitch.  I now know that if I ever lose you again, all I have to do is get shit faced, and I will stumble my way back to you.  I feel like Dorothy after she figured out how to use her ruby red slippers. East River Bar 97 S 6th St. btw Bedford & Berry Sts. [Williamsburg, Brooklyn] photo from the bar’s website

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Broke-Ass Stuart - Editor In Cheap

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  1. Marissa
    September 13, 2010 at 1:51 pm

    Oh, just lovely… I only know my way around the city as long as its anywhere off the 1 or to JFK… LOL

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