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Coney Island Scarier Than Usual

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Let’s be real for a second- Coney is a frightening spot more often than not. From the days of the Warriors on out, it’s successfully combined freakshow and carnival eeriness with the grit n’ grime of old school NYC. Well, now it’s just amped the fear quotient with it’s own Creepshow at the Freakshow, and if there’s ever a place to deliver a real haunted experience it’s at the end of the F train.

Dubbed the “Ride Inspector’s Nightmare” (which could also describe the Cyclone every day of the year), it’s an interactive haunted house in the same vein of the traditional, improv-and-special-effects ones you’ll find littered around Manhattan. However, this one doesn’t have some flavor of the month theme like vampires or some Victorian baloney. This one’s banking the scary sights of collapsed rides, freakshows on the loose, and disemboweled tourists (which might not be that scary, more cathartic). For only 10 bones you’ll be able to enjoy a sincere fright and catch some regular rides, too. But be warned! Those giant neon daiquiris on the boardwalk are scary for a whole list of other reasons.

The Ride Inspector’s Nightmare
Through 10/31
1208 Surf Ave. Corner of Surf Avenue and West 12th Street [Coney Island]

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Laura S - Spendthrift Scribe

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