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Skate and Sip at the Standard Hotel’s New Ice Skating Rink

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Ice skating in New York is certainly a winter rite of passage, but it also can be a total nightmare.  While it’s been immortalized in many a rom-com, most rinks in the city are crowded and pricey to boot.  If the thought of Bryant Park and Rockefeller makes you claustrophobic, check out the new rink that’s opened at the hipper than thou Standard Hotel.

Even if most of us can’t afford to actually stay there, we can still skate there and show off our sweet Cutting Edge-inspired moves.  Measuring 12 x 40 feet, the rink has enough room to make some laps without running into a million tourists who are biding their time til they can see the “top of the rock”.

The entrance fee is $12 and skate rentals are $3, unless you are veteran skater and have your own (i.e Canadians). There’s even a special “apres-skate” menu including cheese fondue and rich hot chocolate for a cool $7. After all, it IS the Meatpacking district, but I’ll take my skating options where I can get em.

Standard Hotel Ice Skating Rink
848 Washington St
Between W 13th & Little W 12th St [Meatpacking]
Open 10:00am-12:00am, 7 days a week

Photo Courtesy of: Refinery 29

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