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Adjust Your Clock to Blue Sky Bakery

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Something you need to know about me- I take my muffins seriously. More so than cupcakes, the pop ephemera of the pastry world, or other various tarts and cakes and whatever else, muffins are a source for pure, unmitigated deliciousness if done right. Unfortunately, many of them come out tasting like unprocessed wheat or, worse, like someone added breadcrumbs to an orb of butter. Coming to save the day like a superhero made of bran is Blue Sky Bakery in Park Slope where everyday is a new class in how to make muffins with swagger.

This is a lovely little bakery to come in and take a seat with a newspaper, journal, or date. Don’t be an ass with a laptop, it’s not big enough to accommodate your selfishness. The coffee sure is fine and the atmosphere as welcoming to the loners as it is to the P-Slope baby mama’s. But the draw is those damn delicious little muffins. Made grandma’s-kitchen fresh and filled with interesting flavor combination’s starting with basic berries and moving on to mango, rhubarb, and plum, these will keep you sated for a full day. Be warned- the shop closes with the muffins, so if you want an afternoon fix you’re out of luck. Get there early and get a head start on the day, you lazy ass. Delicious is calling in the AM, will you answer?

Blue Sky Bakery
53 Fifth Ave
Between Bergen & St Marks Pl [Park Slope]

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