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Free Oldest-School from EPMD Today for FREE

Updated: Jul 08, 2011 21:10
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Ah, summer. Specifically, ah, summer concerts. You’ve long recognized that to stage outdoors for money requires you to go in the red on security, so you just raised your hands and said “fuck it, everybody’s invited.” And bless you for it. Now these summer shows get to be venues for the more esoteric or older acts that don’t command Webster Hall, but would make for one awesome day in the sun or night in the cool moonlight. Supplying a healthy dose of cool is EPMD on their “Salute to Hip Hop” tour coming to Betsy Head Park tonight for FREE!

Not gonna lie, Brownsville might be the hardest neighborhood in Brooklyn. MOP’s from there- ever listen to an MOP song? No? Here you go. It’s pretty much just about mugging people, but it gets you hyped! Honestly, though, isn’t hip hop at the Prospect Park Bandshell kind of a silly juxtaposition anyway? Go out there and be raw. Also, it’s EPMD, so you’ll probably have a lot of old school dudes with great stories about the old ways and days of the BK, when the epidemic was crack as opposed to organic produce. Rounding out the festivities is Funk Flex, the most overused voice in hip hop, but whatever. Just kick it like people still say “ill” casually.

Salute to Hip Hop ft. EPMD & Funkmaster Flex
Betsy Head Memorial Playground [Betsy Head Park]


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