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$5 Venison Tacos and $4 Chapulines at La Oaxaqueña

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photo by Francis L. on yelp

photo by Francis L. on yelp

La Oaxaqueña is like some secret spot that you think you imagined passing by on the bus and you’re fairly certain won’t exist if you were to go back.  Especially since it’s located in San Francisco.

Mexican-wise, the population in the city is mostly Yucateco, with a smattering of Chilangos and whatever is left of the older Chicano families in the Mission.

People from states like Oaxaca tend to end up in L.A., which is why this place sticks out.  It totally looks like it should belong down in Pico-Union – homey with lots of folk art, some odd Disney décor and postings offering shipping.

The place is super tiny, though, which sucks, because you totally want to come here with a bunch of people, especially since they have a molcajete of guacamole the size of your head for six bucks.

The coolest part about this hole in the wall is, that apart from being affordable and delicious,  it carries all sorts of stuff that is kinda hard to find anywhere around here. Try your hand at venison tacos, crunchy red chapulines (grasshoppers), or, that weekend gift from the gods, barbecued goat with consommé.

No  gusanos (those cactus worms in the bottom of mezcal bottles,) but who knows, maybe a little nudge, nudge, wink, wink will get some fried up.

La Oaxaqueã
2128 Mission Street near 17th St.

[The Mission]

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Stephen Torres - Threadbare-Fact Finder (Editor, San Francisco)

Stephen Torres - Threadbare-Fact Finder (Editor, San Francisco)

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  2. gina espo.
    January 19, 2011 at 1:32 am

    i love this place. they are open till 3am or something and they have OSTRICH tacos!!!!!! YUMMMMMMMMY | |

  3. January 19, 2011 at 1:40 am

    yeah, I like their Mexican Pizza things too!

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