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Sample Lagunitas Deliciousness at the Brazen Head

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Craft beer, craft beer, craft beer, craft beer, craft beer. Seems to be what any bar worth it’s salt in Brooklyn can talk about. Well, that or molecularly-complicated, organic, artisanal cocktails. But let’s not get hung up on deconstructed martinis and talk about some craft beer. There’s an explosion going on around this nation, one involving frothy goodness from all points west and occasionally north. Staying habitually ahead of the tasty curve, Lagunitas brewery has made a name for itself with solid standbys and extra special rare brews, some of which will be available for $5 a pint at the Brazen Head tonight.

Now, fellow broke-asses, you may be wondering what’s the big deal of $5 pints. “But I can go to my fav East Williamsburg dive and get a PBR tallboy for $3!” you might shout. In turn, I calmly beseech you to shuyamouf. Lagunitas is a pricey beer for very good reasons, dudes. I’ve gone with it as my default gift or fancy potluck beer numerous times and never have I heard complaining. It’s not aggressive in its ridiculousness like Flying Dog nor inundated with hype like Dogfish Head nor does it contain “dog” in the title at all (though it’s logo has a dog in it, because, well, PUPPIES!). So expand your taste buds and see what’s good with this craft beer explosion by starting pretty high up on the food chain of beer. Or, beer chain, I suppose.

Lagunitas Brewery Night @ The Brazen Head
228 Atlantic Ave. b/w Court St. and Boerum Pl.
[Cobble Hill]

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Dan Cerruti - 99 Cent Store Cowboy

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