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We Just Love Jeremys!

Updated: Jun 22, 2011 12:45
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Shhhhh!!! You guys wanna know a secret???

My girlfriends are probably going to massacre me for telling you this (so, “sorry” for letting the cat out of the bag in advance!), but the way I see it is that you NEED to know about this place called Jeremys I discovered the other day.

Ok, here’s the deal. Imagine a two-story department store that is not too big, not too commercial, and has so much merchandise you could easily spend a few hours there no problem. And I don’t even really like shopping! But somehow this place got me so in the mood, I took like 20 items with me into the dressing room. The dark wooden interior makes you almost feel like you’re Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, the sales people are friendly and cool – and they’ve definitely perfected the soundtrack to successful shopping.

All women’s and men’s apparel and accessories are available for super discounted prices. The first floor is full of brand names (like Chanel), which will always be too expensive for broke-asses like us… but upstairs is where it’s at. Welcome to an entire world of overstock, window display items and samples that are dirt cheap. They have a $5 rack, $10 rack and sometimes everything in stock is 50% off. I got three sundresses, a pair of heels and sunglasses for a whopping $76 dollars. You have to do some serious scavenging to find your size and style, but trust me – it’s worth it!

Jeremys Department Store
Two Locations in the Bay Area:

In SF:
2 South Park [South Park]

In the East Bay:
2967 College Ave [Berkeley]

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Heidi Smith - The Ultimate Scavenger

Heidi Smith - The Ultimate Scavenger

Heidi works for a non-profit cultural exchange organization helping others experience life from a different perspective. She likes magnetizing the obscure and scavenging the city for fun, free things to do. She is a world traveler, a freelance writer and a spontaneous chef. She is also said to be part-mermaid.