DIY Soda Can Crafts

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I just gave up soda. Again. Mostly. Or maybe just during the day. Whatever. The point is that I’ve been drinking water all night and wistfully searching soda can crafts to distract myself from craving sugar. (Be warned: I would grab a can of ginger ale right out of your hand right about now.) I know we already touched upon this with the Beer Can Brilliance piece a while back, but there’s a lot more that can be done with an aluminum can.

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You can fold an aluminum can into an ashtray in about a minute, which makes for a neat party trick (until you try it drunk and cut the crap out of your hands. Hint: don’t do that.). But heck, if you can fold a can into an ashtray, folding it into a brooch shouldn’t be too hard either, right?

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If you’re willing to throw a little fabric into the mix, there’s an option for soda can coasters. Next step up is punching holes and removing tops, ready? So, harkening back to the beer can lighting are these lovely lanterns, which look pretty easy to duplicate by cutting off the top, using a dowl or sharp object to punch holes, paint ‘em up and poke some lights through them. Instructables, as usual, has an incredibly simple soda can safe that basically involves using a can opener to remove the top, filling the can with spray insulation, slipping a smaller jar inside and sealing with hot glue gun. Glue gun the lids together and you’re done.

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Outdoor types will did the soda can stove – which is just some drilling and trimming. And adding some flammable stuff, obviously. Decorators (or overenthusiastic holiday fans) will dig the cut and twist ornament. Overachievers and advanced DIYers should check out the aluminum can tinwork box – looks like it might take a try or two, but it’s a pretty sweet result.

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Amber Bouman - Crafty & Cashless

Amber Bouman - Crafty & Cashless

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