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Best Frozen Margaritas in NYC at Ruby’s Lounge

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Ruby’s Lounge has the best fuckin’ frozen margaritas in NYC! A bold statement, I know, and trust me, it doesn’t matter what you order here, you’re gonna get the goddamn frozen margarita anyway! How do you feel about that?

The first time I went there with my gal, she ordered a whiskey diet and I ordered a bourbon neat. Guess what we got? Two frozen margaritas! (Probably ‘cause the bar tender barely spoke English). And we could not have been any more satisfied! I mean, honestly, when was the last time you had a frozen margarita in the city? That shit is rare! Not only is it rare, but it’s even rarer to get a good one!

We were pleasantly surprised.

I’m sure you can get other drinks at this establishment, but that’s not what I’m writing about. This club may be a very annoying place to any young East Williamsburg/Bushwick hipster. It’s not dim lit, they don’t play an eclectic choice of music, and no one acts the part of “I’m a nice bar tender”  – so don’t expect any special treatment. This is a club for the Puerto Ricans of the neighborhood to play dominos, dance salsa and listen to latin dance music loud. And when Maria is working, she will whip you up a frozen margarita like you’ve never had before! During happy hour those blended treats only cost $4.50, and during the night they are $8.00. And for what they are they are a steal! I’ve become such a fan of them, I’ve become a regular at the joint. Now when I walk into the place I don’t even have to say anything, they just start up the blender.

So, Next time you’re in Bushwick, and feel a little festive, do what I do: go to Ruby’s and get a frozen margarita. And if you know of a better place, PLEASE let me know. I’ll challenge you!

Ruby’s Lounge
1438 Myrtle Ave.
Between Bleecker St. and Menahan St.

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Bobby Rich - Affordable Aficionado

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