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Farmer’s Market Every Day on Geary

Updated: Oct 08, 2011 06:18
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Obviously, we don’t always have time to hit up the local outdoor Farmer’s Markets, even if they are in your neighborhood once a week. Luckily, there is a produce market that offers fresh fruits and veggies every day of the week. The 4th Ave. & Geary Farmer’s Market has a plethera of local produce that is cheap as hell! I went there yesterday morning on my way to work and picked up two grapefruits, two lemons, celery, parsley, potatoes, and some tomatoes for under $5! That is hella cheap if you ask me. Compared to Safeway and any other mainstream store, you usually have to spend about $3 on two tomatoes alone.

Of course, some of the produce may be a bit bruised or not “up to par.” Reading the Yelp reviews on this place, I found that some people are way too agro! One person dissed the Farmer’s Market because the guy (whom they referred to as ‘Pablo’) that was setting the apples outside dropped a couple and put them back on the stand. I mean, come on! Don’t you think that can happen to anyone? Don’t you wash your produce once you bring it home anyways? This person is not only a G.D.R., but they have some serious obsessive-compulsive issues to sort out.

Point being, the 4th Ave. & Geary Farmer’s Market has always hooked me up with fresh, cheap produce and is conveniently located on my way to and from work.  But I’d probably even go out of my to go there, just to avoid going to buy expensive, hormone treated veggies at Safeway or even more expensive, organic veggies at Whole Foods. This place definitely meets right in the middle of both worlds for me.

4th Ave. & Geary Farmer’s Market
3931 Geary Boulevard (between 3rd Ave & 4th Ave)
[Inner Richmond]

photo by yelper: Wes M.

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Heidi Smith - The Ultimate Scavenger

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