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Broke-Ass Halloween: Group Costume Ideas

Updated: Oct 16, 2011 13:49
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Some of you are fine with slapping on some cat ears and using your eyeliner to draw on whiskers as a Halloween costume. And then, some of us have standards for our Halloween costumes. We have to be the one that people are talking about. The ones that get comments and compliments from strangers about how clever we are. And ladies, it’s time to think beyond being a “sexy [insert non-sexual profession].”

A good Halloween costume can cost money- but a group Halloween costume can really give you a bang for your buck. Maybe as an individual, you don’t have to do much as long as it makes sense when you are part of a group. Here’s some ideas for Broke-Asses who need some ideas.

1. Rejected gang from The Warriors

Find really cheap and non-gang-like accessories, like life preservers and hairnets, wear them with stonewashed jeans and no shirts, and voila!

2. Internet Memes

Super easy. Print out from the internet, tape on your face, and walk around saying things that your meme would say, like “FFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCKKK!!!” or “I am a ninja”.


3. The Cast of Clueless

Hint: dressing like actual humans is easier, especially if the clothes are iconic. Again, get thee to a thrift store and buy women’s suits and schoolgirl skirts that are a couple sizes too small. Find a huge cell phone and carry shopping bags from department stores.


4. The Hunger Games tributes

Firstly, read the book, it’s awesome. Then, all of you wear matching cargo pants, hiking boots, and black windbreakers. Smear dirt and fake blood all over yourselves.  Someone carry a bow and arrow. There! You are so current and so literary!

5. The Cast of Childrens Hospital

Everyone wear scrubs and white coats. Just make sure one of you wears a yarmulke and the funniest person wears clown makeup. Scoff at people who have never seen the show.

6. The Heathers

Ladies, if you have two parties to go to, you can just reuse your Clueless costumes, but carry croquet mallets and copies of Moby Dick. One of you should wear a monacle.


7. The cast of Wet Hot American Summer

Break out the short short, denim cut offs, athletic socks and polo shirts. Plus, you’ll be able to see who is worth talking to by who appreciates the homage.

8. Devo

Two words: Home Depot

9. The cast of Party Down

All you need are black pants, a white shirt, and pink bow-ties. If one of you has a van, that also helps. Not only is this one easy, fits all genders, but also tells everyone “I am cool enough enjoy canceled cult comedy shows.” Make sure one of you constantly utters sardonically “Are we having fun yet?” and another carry around a draft of a sci-fi script.

10. Bar Mitzvah reception

Get your Jewish friends together, have someone wear fake acne, an ill-fitting suit, tallis and yarmulke (this is the second costume on this list that requires a yarmulke), another wear black and white server’s clothes (perhaps borrow someone from the Party Down group costume?) and walk around with a tray of (kosher) pigs in a blanket. The rest of you, wear your best 90s fashion.

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Robin Hardwick - Cost-Conscious Connoisseur

Robin Hardwick - Cost-Conscious Connoisseur

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