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Rooftops: A Haven For Broke Asses

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Perhaps one of my more recent posts put me on this whole “view” kick. In any case, rooftops, as stated above, are quite the haven for us broke asses.

What do we do when we have no money? We head to the park, take a cruise on the bike, or plant our broke asses in front of the tube. We do anything we can to keep ourselves from spending money we don’t have. One option I think is at times overlooked is the rooftop. Many buildings in San Francisco have roof access. If you aren’t fortunate enough to live in a building with roof access then perhaps you know someone who is. The roof can be a great, totally FREE escape.

Feel free to make a day of it. Grab a few chairs, invite friends, and pack a cooler full of loose beers from the back of your fridge. Can you dig it?

Any given rooftop
[San Francisco]

Image courtesy of Threat to Democracy

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Chris F. - That Guy

Chris F. - That Guy

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