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Upon arriving to One Stop Beer Shop’s grand opening, I was welcomed by the warm scent of fresh popcorn, dim lights powered by Edison light bulbs and a friendly staff. It’s perfect for a place that prides itself in being a warm community bar.

Three growler machines

The One Stop Beer Shop differs from your average bar by uniquely combining a bar with a growler shop. Growlers, which are usually a glass jug used to fill half a gallon of beer, sealed shut to maintain carbonation for up to two weeks will be part of the menu here at One Stop Beer Shop. With plans to begin delivering in 2012, the growlers will be their main point of profits in this area. Containing up to 12 different beer options for the growlers, you may have your choice for anywhere between $9.99-$13.99.

The night was highly anticipated as the people came in packs for the first night, leaving little room for mobility. Where the cozy bar may lack in size it makes up in its largely diverse beer selection. Their speciality includes beer mixology drinks. Mixing beers with any combination that includes spirits, fruits and teas. Each mixology drink takes anywhere from 45 seconds to a minute to create and are reasonably priced at $9.

For their grand opening, One Stop Beer Shop had four special cocktails ready to be sampled FREE of charge for those lucky enough to RSVP.

Orange You Glad? I Know I Was.

One of the favorites of the night was the “Orange You Glad?” cocktail which consisted of: Whiskey from The Original Moonshine, orange juice, organic agave, muddled orange and lemon. It is then topped with Brooklyn Winter Ale.

The highly recommended, “Sinfully Original” was another favorite amongst the crowd. It’s an Original Sin Cider over tea infused Tito’s Vodka. It’s less sweeter than the “Orange You Glad?” but it still does the trick.

MiShinelada. (Warning: Do not drink this after having some of the popcorn. You know, unless you plan on mimicing a fire-breathing dragon.)

The mint and blueberry flavored, “Clandestine Moon” got mixed reviews and the spicy, chipotle tobacco “MiShinelada” was a love it or hate it drink.

The service was great despite the overwhelming crowd. The locals appeared to be enjoying themselves and the complimentary popcorn flavored with a secret blend of herbs and spices was a hit. (Co-owner, Benjamin Roshia wasn’t lying when he said that he wishes he could eat it for dinner.)

As the One Stop Beer Shop sits, nestled on Brooklyn’s serene Kingsland Avenue, you were able to feel the area come alive on its first night. With New Years Eve approaching, I can sense business will be booming sooner than later.

One Stop Beer Shop
Sun-Wed: 11am-2am, Thurs-Sat: 11am-3:30am
Beers: $6, Drinks: $9
134 Kingsland Ave. (Corner of Beadel Street)

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