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Shake a Tailfeather with Kent Odessa for FREE Tonight!

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Dudes, hold onto your ladies. What’s that smooth synth causing Apache print Urban Outfitter panties to drop all over Williamsburg? Tonight Kent Odessa celebrates his birthday and the release of his full-length album, Silverdome, with a FREE live set and party at Cameo with special guests Coastgaard and Mythical Legends. Odessa’s shows are usually pretty fun because his music is way grooveable (get a preview here) and he will work up a sweat doing high kicks on stage dressed as Jean-Paul Belmondo.

You will go. You will dance! And you will have fun (because you didn’t have to pay a cover to get in). I’ll be the one in a romper hitting on strangers with a full cup of gin in my hand. See you all there!

Kent Odessa with Coastgaard and Mythical Legends
Tonight, Tuesday March 6th, 8PM
93 N. 6th St. (back of Lovin’ Cup Cafe)

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Polina Yamshchikov - Flirt Poor

Polina Yamshchikov - Flirt Poor

Polina is Siberian by way of Alabama, and therefore cannot pronounce "fire" or "iron" correctly but despite this can still woo men with her cooking skills and enormous Russian cheeks. She can usually be spotted on the streets of Brooklyn either yelling into a cell phone in one of five languages or swilling gin at an inappropriate hour of the morning.