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Affordable Clothes And Recycling

Updated: Aug 22, 2012 19:19
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Most of my wardrobe is not considered very high-fashion. It’s pretty convenient because I don’t want to spend my time getting ready. I am not very fashionable and I don’t care to be. Visiting clothing stores is always very stressful. The 12-year-old children who work at Forever 21 always suggest I wear neon colors. Then I’m stuck in the dressing room trying on size 14 pants because their clothes are so damn tiny. This inevitably leads to a meltdown resulting in my clothing budget taking a sharp turn. I go from trying to purchase a new shirt to throwing myself a pity-party with my buddy Jim Beam.

I attempted to combine my hate of wastefulness and my love of people watching by shopping at thrift stores. I actually only went to one once. I put my hand in the pockets of a jean jacket I loved and it came out covered in what I can only hope was Gak. I wanted to quit shopping years ago. However, my job requires me to look more like a business lady and less like a slutty mom. I get really sick of buying affordable things that are cheap and fall apart. Or, wasting time buying expensive things I hate. We live in a dangerous world and the only place I trust shopping now is online.

Lucky for us, I found Twice.

From the comfort of your own home, in no clothes if you prefer, you can browse a bajillion items on your computer! It’s different than all the major stores online, though. It’s solely used clothing. Now you’re doing your part to save the Earth and shopping! Not having to leave home is pretty great. What’s even more fantastic is they have their shit together. Each item has a well-represented photo, measurements and a description. There are search options too, so you can narrow down things like color and size. Everything on the site is name brand. They quality check their items nothing is gross or damaged. If you’re really broke, you can send in your old stuff and get credit for new stuff!

Recycling is totally cool, as is bragging about all the stuff you recycle, and the great deals you got. In reality, no one cares. But, somewhere in their psyche, the person you’re bragging with will take your shopping successes as a challenge. Then, eventually, everyone will recycle. There will be a competitive recycling circuit. We’re just saving the world, you know?

Hopefully, by now, you have stopped reading this and you are shopping. If you submit a sell order this week, you will get a super stylin’ Twice tee for FREE! If you “like” them on Facebook, you will get 20% off your purchase!

This is probably the nicest thing I will ever do for you. I am risking that everyone will buy the stuff I like before I get to it. Because I love you. Get it, girl!







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Donna Rose - Bankrupt Blonde

Donna Rose - Bankrupt Blonde

DR has maintained at or just below poverty level her entire life. She lives in Oakland with her imaginary pet cat, Joel.