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Baseball As It’s Meant To Be Seen

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I don’t care which way the mass populous votes or how beautiful AT&T Park is, I am an Oakland A’s girl through and through. I’ve been going to the Coliseum ( be damned!) since before I could walk and that ballpark is as real as it gets. It’s noisy, kind of dirty, and simple. Sausages and beer. Throwback Thursdays complete with live organ music and complementary peanuts. We’ve been the underdog for years and I am hopelessly devoted.

So you want to experience the simple joy of going to a baseball game and don’t want to pay astronomical ticket prices. You don’t feel the need to eat sushi while watching America’s favorite pastime. You refuse to spend $10 on a freaking Bud Lite. The Oakland Coliseum is calling your name! Thanks to BART sponsorship you can see the Oakland Athletics play for only $2 per ticket every Wednesday. The seats of course are nothing to write home about but they are in the section called ‘Plaza Outfield’ which used to be the good ol’ bleachers. In my experience this part of the ballpark is where you find the strongest sense of community. A bunch of rowdy, broke baseball fans looking to scream, eat hot dogs and drink beer with their seat neighbors.

So consider ‘slumming’ some time. Oakland isn’t as scary as most people think it is. And think of how much more beer you can buy when you only spend $2 on your ticket! Just a quick BART ride away…

The next $2 game will be on Wednesday, August 8th at 12:35 PM when the A’s host the Angels.


7000 Coliseum Way
Oakland, CA 94621
(510) 569-2121

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Chloe Doores - Economical in the East Bay

Chloe Doores - Economical in the East Bay

I'm a very simple gal. Music, books, beer, trees and friends. I like to check stuff out, check people out, check out new food and drink, and put it all down on paper. I live in Oakland and think it's a damn fine city. Won't you come and check it out?