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Marqeta: A New Service That Gives You Extra Money to Buy Everyday Things

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Do you like to explore new restaurants or frequent your favorite haunts in San Francisco? Shop at your favorite grocery store where the owner knows your name? Send flowers to that special someone just because? How about getting extra money to spend at all these places? If you answered “yes” to any of these, keep reading about a cool new company called Marqeta.

Marqeta was founded by a local guy who loves Starbucks (don’t we all?) and the fact that he could pre-pay on his Starbuck’s loyalty card and get extra rewards and points. He thought that there should be a similar card for ALL the places he liked to shop and eat, not just Starbucks, so he created Marqeta – one easy card that gives shoppers extra money to spend at all their favorite Bay Area restaurants and stores and keeps track of an unlimited number of loyalty programs.

So how does it work? Check out or the free Marqeta mobile app and click on any number of offers that interest you. Say you love pizza and you notice Extreme Pizza has an offer where if you load $15 to your Marqeta account, immediately that money is worth $20 as Extreme Pizza adds an extra $5 for you to spend. That’s a big return – way more than a cash back rewards card or even a savings account.

Once you have selected your offers and loaded money, you then use your free Marqeta Card to pay at the merchant’s register or their online store. It’s super easy to set up, track your account funds and set up auto-reload to guarantee more money every time you spend. Lastly, if you link your rewards or cash back credit or debit card to your Marqeta account, every time you load an offer, you continue to keep your points, miles or cash back rewards too.

For Oakland residents or anyone looking to venture over to eat in “The Town’s” hottest restaurants such as Pican or Ozumo Oakland, Marqeta has teamed up with the Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce to create Explore Oakland – a new dining offer that gives you 25 percent more money to spend at more than two dozen of Oakland’s best restaurants. You can choose from Explore Oakland’s four dining levels:

•  Taste of Oakland: Prepay $40 and get $50

•  Dinner for Two: Prepay $80 and get $100

•  Party of Four: Prepay $200 and get $250

•  Indulge Oakland: Prepay $400 and get $500

So what are you waiting for? Marqeta’s got offers for everything such as grocery stores, dry cleaning, restaurants, salons and more. Sign up for the free Marqeta Card at and start getting more money for the things you buy every day. Trust us – it adds up!

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