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BA of the Week – Kate Kapler Co-Founder of CourseHorse

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Every week we feature a different person from the community shedding a little light on their life of brokeitude.  Who knows, maybe you’ll learn something about the human spirit…probably not.

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This week’s featured Broke-Ass is Kate Kapler, co-founder of CourseHorse, a rad resource for finding classes in New York City. When I asked here what she’d like mentioned in this intro she gave me this great bullet pointed list:

– Graduated a year early in NYU in 2007 to avoid having to pay another year for school
– Dropped out of grad school after the first two weeks, leaving a full-ride on the table to head produce for another startup (Biz2Credit)
– Launched CourseHorse for less than $10k in 2011
– Bartended for the first year at night to put food in my dogs bowl
– General philosophy – There’s not enough time to go to sleep at night unfulfilled and wake up lethargic. Do everything it takes to spend your life doing what you love.

Sounds like our kind of girl huh? I love someone who’s down to hustle! Read her answers below. She’sgot some clever ones.

Name: Katie Kapler

Age: 26

Occupation: Entrepreneur – Co-founder of

What neighborhood do you live in?: East Village

Best money saving tip: NYU kids are notorious for throwing out their furniture, flat-screens and other goodies after every semester. Dumpster diving will yield some pretty awesome free stuff!

What do you refuse to spend money on?: A gym membership – playgrounds make awesome outdoor health clubs. All you have to do is bump a few kids from the monkey bars and you’re all set.

Most expensive thing you’ve ever bought: A BA from NYU

How’d that feel?: In one way or another, I ended up getting my money back winning $75k in a startup competition.

Favorite cheap eat: For dessert, go to red mango and get the taste tests. They give you a little cup and don’t really watch when you serve yourself– all for the lovely price of $0. I suppose that could be viewed as some version of stealing but I honestly do intend to purchase a cup at some point!

Favorite dive bar: Since we started the company, I’ve refused to pay full price on any drink or commute to go out. Time is money when you’re living the entrepreneurial life-style. I love the Horse Box since it’s only a few blocks from my place apartment and has great drinks specials.

Best deal you’ve ever gotten: A wonderful, brand-new couch for $50 off Facebook Marketplaces.

Favorite free thing to do: Stroll outdoor farmer’s markets. Sure you can’t buy anything but you can certainly taste test until you’re satisfied 🙂

If you woke up a millionaire, what’s the first thing you’d buy?: Dental insurance

Despite not having money, do you still love your life?: Hell yeah

Do you own my book?: Shamefully, I do not.

Best hangover cure: Looking at my bank statements – that’ll sober anyone up.

Are you a hipster?: I can’t afford to be a hipster.

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Broke-Ass Stuart - Editor In Cheap

Broke-Ass Stuart - Editor In Cheap

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  1. Sean
    November 15, 2012 at 12:33 pm

    Bad-ass, Brokass! Love her!