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Moon Casale’s Album Release at Greenpoint Reformed Church

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Moon Casale’s sound has a deep, reverential quality to it. That’s probably why he’s having his album release in Greenpoint’s Reformed Church. We’re not sure it’s the Christian god he’s after, but when his guitar hums its lonely notes, you’ll know he’s communing with something all right.

A longtime member of the GP scene and an associate of the one and only Shivers, Moon Casale (Keith Zarriello), will be celebrating his debut in style with performances by such stalwarts as Scott Rudd, Paloma Gil (The Dove and The Wolf), Jo Schornikow, and Mina Karimi (The Sparrow).

There will be hippies in attendance. Brush up on your yoga lingo.

Although there will be vinyls for sale, all other proceeds will go to a soup kitchen. And one of the performers will apparently also be bringing cookies and coffee.

Trust me this is as rock ‘n’ roll as coffee hour in a church is ever likely to get.

Moon Casale Album Release
Friday Jan. 25 at 7 pm
$5 (goes to the soup kitchen)
Greenpoint Reformed Church (136 Milton St.)

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