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FREE Chances with Wolves Dance Party TONIGHT @ ISA

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Do you listen to East Village Radio? Me neither, but we both should. Because every Monday night Justin Cox and Kenan Juska drop the deepest jams you’ve ever heard. They also enjoy wolf howls. And that’s something we can all get into. They call their journey into the mysterious corners of musical eclectica, Chances with Wolves.

Tonight at 9:00pm they’re hosting a dance party in the attic of ISA, a sort of DIY art space/Italian restaurant. The restaurant offers its own share of oddball treasures. The menus look like artwork you’d find on the side of a building in North Baltimore, and they host arts-n-crafts brunches called brunchCRAFT on Saturdays wherein children are encouraged to sit down at magnificent hardwood tables and flex their maker muscles (i.e. get Elmer’s glue all over their hands).

But getting back to the dance party…

It’s tonight from 9pm to 2am up on the second floor of the place. Chances with Wolves will be slinging the very best joints from their seemingly endless collection of bizarre old records you’ve never heard. This is the funk you DON’T know. The underground stash. The bees knees. And it’s all happening tonight at ISA.

You might hear obscure classics from members of the Jackson family you didn’t know existed! Take that Joe! Or how about a Keith Richards track he not only doesn’t remember recording, he claims to not even know! And of course, it wouldn’t be a funk extravaganza without gratuitous doo-wop drops. There’s so much to look forward to.

Get your gear on.

See you tonight! Singles welcome. Couples too. Polyamory encouraged.

Chances with Wolves Dance Party
Jan. 16th (TONIGHT!) @ 9pm
ISA (348 Wythe Ave. @ S. 2nd)

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Jules Owen - Wandering Wastrel

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