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OWFT: Get yo’ bubala on for under $10

Updated: Feb 09, 2013 15:58
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About a year ago I saw a photo of a deconstructed Reuben of sorts. I thought it looked amazing and the concept was amazing. A few months ago, I found out it was the Old World Food Truck’s pop-up and I knew I had to get down on it. When they parked in a lot in Southside Berkeley, I jumped into Ze Golf and got down to Telegraph. It was a bit misty, a lot cold, but that warm goldenrod glow from the OWFT fell upon the wet asphalt and created an instant Carry Me Ohio comfort within me. 

You can get the schnitzel sandwich for $9. I decided to get the old world plate. A $12 plate of  chicken schnitzel and pepper relish, pierogi with a sort of dill sour cream condiment, and apple-cabbage slaw. How does a person deny the chemistry that is sweet savory and crunchy? No one does. Not even the health nuts that promote “clean” eating. Even they give in. Except, they lurk around dark corners, shoving honey dijon kettle chips into their cheeks like squirrels for later consumption. But, I didn’t have to lurk around a dark corner…I just had to lurk around a dark parking lot. The schnitzel was chicharone crispy on the outside and jizzing meat juices on the inside, and drizzled with an intense caraway honey. It came with a side of pepper relish that amalgamated with my dill sour cream on top of my potato stuffed pierogis. What you ended up with, if you planned wisely, was a forkful of crunchy fatty and sweet schnitzel, tangy relish, cold sour cream, herby dill, and fresh slaw. I won’t front, it was a delicious forkful.

However, I still felt like it was missing something. And that something was salt. Salt is something people are afraid of because of the fear of over seasoning. But, if you’re tasting as you go, it shouldn’t be an issue. Just an extra teaspoon or tablespoon of salt and it’s like…enlightenment. Fortunately, people are forgiving and the under seasoning didn’t take away from the solid execution of the tender pierogis and the crunchy schnitzel. The only way to make it any better would be to make the chicken turn into pork. And you know, some salt.


Old World Food Truck




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