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How to Throw A Broke-Ass Superbowl Party

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The Super Bowl is upon us. If you plan on having your friends and family join you for this grand American tradition there will be many parties being thrown. But beyond the wings and the booze, here’s your quick cheap guide to throwing the best Broke Ass Superbowl Party. Let’s get started by looking at our teams—the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens.

Are you a West Coast supporter? You’ve got to adorn your home in red & gold. Lucky for you all those Holiday decorations you still have are probably those very colors. Dig through your boxes and pull out that red tablecloth and other gold dusted doodads. For food, please DO NOT serve Rice-A-Roni. Contrary to popular belief it is not a San Francisco treat, it is actually the opposite. The best nod to the Bay Area would be wrapped in a warm flour tortilla. Totally set a burrito building station in your kitchen. The ingredients to make the perfect Mission burrito are all relatively inexpensive too. You can actually buy cheap light beer and put red food color in (about 5 drops per 12 ounces and stir). Do this to half of the beer you have and leave the others golden. This way you will have a whole display of Red & Gold.

If you’re in Raven’s country, plan on decking your house out in that brilliant purple and black. Maybe you have some fake ravens left over from Halloween, toss those around the living room. In fact there probably are a lot of purple and black items in that same box. As for food, grab all the varieties of Utz. Then, whip up some warm authentic Maryland crab dip. Don’t forget to grab Baltimore’s favorite cheap ass beverage Natty Boh (National Bohemian).  And you can absolutely make that Natty Boh Raven’s purple. It’s the same as above, 5 drops of purple plus 3 drops of blue per every 12 ounces and stir. This will give you the perfect Baltimore shade.

If you want to throw a joint party just put all this stuff together. In fact, toss that crab dip in a sourdough bowl and you have the best of both coasts. Don’t forget, you can always make your own cupcakes too and just decorate them with Red/Yellow icing or Black/Purple icing.

But any time you need decorations or anything for a party, I suggest heading to Dollar Tree (or any dollar-tastic store in your area). They have never steered me wrong. You can grab streamers, balloons, party favors, plates, utensils, paper towels and napkins. Essentially; everything you could need to deck your house out for under $20.

Also, keep an eye on the papers, grocery stores know this weekend is huge and many have specials on sodas, hot dogs, burgers, etc.

No matter whom you are rooting for, have fun, be safe and look out for each other.

Here are a few links to help you with the aforementioned signature food items:

 Mission Burrito

Baltimore Crab Dip

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