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Books and Booze Club at Two Sisters

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Good books + local authors + drink specials = Books and Booze Club at Two Sisters in Hayes Valley.

The owners of the bar pick a new book every month, design a cocktail around it, and then invite anyone who has read it to come to the bar and talk about it. Here’s what Mikha Diaz, one of the two sisters, told me last year:

Each month there is a special cocktail designed around the book we are reading together, and is available for book club members during the meeting for $5-$6. And when appropriate to the text, we bring in the authors or outside resources to help the text “come alive.”

Since then they’ve been going strong, picking out a monthly book, often with a tie to San Francisco.

This month’s book is Our Lady of Darkness, by Fritz Lieber.

I could give you the official blurb, but instead here are two excerpts from the reviews:

The story revolves around Franz, a horror writer and recovering alcoholic in San Fran loosely based on Fritz himself, who after discovering in a used bookstore an old handwritten journal of bizarre metaphysical ramblings… begins experiencing unexplainable, seemingly supernatural happenings in the city. — Jack Tripper

Sounds like a great premise, and it’s all lurking here in our city. If you’re a modern freak-out horror story fan, though, this book may not be your thing. It’s for those who like slow building mystery horror that creeps into your bones rather than slaps you across the face.

What it is is literate, atmospheric, intricate, subtle, slyly humorous, and character-driven.” — Thomas Parker

Pick up your copy here, and maybe I’ll see you at Two Sisters to try that special cocktail. Cheers.


Books and Booze Club
Wednesday, March 27

Two Sisters Bar and Books
Hayes Valley
579 Hayes St (between Octavia St & Laguna St)


Image source: stargonautone via flickr

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