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Crunch Time: The Final Month of the Semester

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So it’s about that time during the end of every semester in college where everything is due, and many college students are scrambling around, losing their minds, trying to ensure they pass their classes or, in the least, raise the grade of the classes they’re falling behind in. And, as you can guess, I am one of them.

From now until May 16th, I have, about, six more papers to write ranging between one and thirty pages (yes, you read that correctly, THIRTY PAGES!), and a revision of one of my submissions for my creative writing class. On top of that, I have to ensure that I study for and pass the next three tests I have for Japanese as well as my astronomy 101 class, finish reading a novel, ten short stories, and, about, four more class review submissions from students in my creative writing class. I feel like I’m at death’s door! There aren’t nearly enough hours in a day to get all of this done and get a sufficient amount of sleep to maintain human status. Right now, I’m in zombie mode.

If you’re a struggling college student, you know exactly how I feel. People always say that midterms are the hardest since that’s a measure of whether or not you’ll pass your classes, or so they say, but I beg to differ. The final month of the semester is the hardest, especially when you have more than 12 credits to take for the semester.

This is the time where I wish the Hyperbolic Time Chamber existed. I’d be able to do a year of studying and sleeping within twenty-four hours. It’d be perfect. I request that scientists get started on creating this. You will be doing all of humanity a great service!

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Keillan Cruickshank - Sir. No-Bucks

Keillan Cruickshank - Sir. No-Bucks

I'm just a guy trying to make it through life without going completely insane. I'm into video games, anime,manga, the normal geek stuff, you know? I'm passionate about writing, and I want to be an accomplished novelist/poet/screenwriter one day. Oh, and I also love booze!