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Broke-Ass Reads: “Infinite Jest”

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What I don’t end up spending on rent each month (read: approximately $5) quickly goes to coffee and books. And while I’m a big advocate of free reading, there’s nothing like putting a new book on your shelf. But more books on the shelves don’t pay the bills, and unfortunately reading them doesn’t either* so I decided to cut costs immensely and go for the ultimate in bookshelf space and reading time: Infinite Jest.

The 1000+ page novel is known to take an epically long time to read, process, and of course, will look like a literary trophy on my bookshelf once I finish.  At under $20 for a new copy (and many can be found used and much cheaper, as the book is from 1996), my reading costs hugely diminished this month!

And to keep me reading– or at least keep me on track with the seemingly endless characters and plotlines, I’ve committed to Summer of Jest, an online book group and social media community to summarize, discuss  and revel in our new project.

It’s cheap, it’s impressive, and will keep you entertained in your brokest hours!

*if anyone knows of any jobs where I can get paid to read books, hit me up.

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Melissa Kravitz - Discount Diva

Melissa Kravitz - Discount Diva

While being New York’s most fabulous resident consumes most of her time, Melissa also enjoys excessive amounts of shopping, visiting museums, reading chick lit, crafting, cooking five meals a day, and befriending cute puppies. Melissa considers herself NYC’s ultimate pasta expert. Melissa also works as a publisher for Inside New York ( Read her blog ( or follow her on twitter (@melissabethk).