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FREE Comedy Tonight: The BIG Pony Show at Leftfield

Updated: Jul 28, 2013 23:00
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Mondays can sort of suck, but they don’t need to when there’s a pony involved. Tonight, you can experience laughter on the Lower East Side, with the BIG Pony Show at Leftfield. The show is FREE and it’s hosted by Harlem-based comedian Mike Brown.

The showcase also features comedians Alyssa Wolff, J-L Cauvin, Neko White, Amber Nelson, Marc Maietta, Menuhin Hart, and other special guests. You can also expect a musical performance from BIG Pony favorite, Alex Castle, and music provided by DJ Shakir Standley.

As they say at the BIG Pony: “Come see some!!! It’s FREE, it’s fun!!! We laughin’. We ridin’.”

To learn more about the BIG Pony , please visit their Facebook and Tumblr pages.

The BIG Pony Show
Monday, July 29th at 7pm
Leftfield Bar
87 Ludlow Street
[Lower East Side]

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