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Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes for Your Dog

Updated: Oct 27, 2022 10:33
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OMG, my person has done it again.

Fact: The only thing better than a dog, is one in costume.

Unfortunately, they don’t always agree. Couple this with the fact that store-bought, pet costumes are often expensive, it makes sense to make your own. Here are some super easy, DIY Halloween costumes for your pup.


Disguise with Paint


I’m not a Golden Retriever, I’m a Tiger!

When it comes to painting your dog, the options are pretty endless. But don’t be a jackass and simply using any paint. You can purchase a non-toxic, pet specific product such as PetPaint or make your own safe paint using cornstarch and food coloring.

Clever disguises include:

  • Other animals
  • Sports fanatics
  • Patriotic pups
  • Skeletons


Mummy Dog

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 3.40.01 PM

I think my person is always drunk…

Mummify your pet for a super cheap and easy costume. There are a few ways to go about making this happen:

  • The super quick method: Take a large roll of cotton gauze or multiple ACE bandages, wrap the bandage material around your pets legs, torso and head – while obviously leaving plenty of space open around the face and the potty zones. Also, be sure not to wrap too tightly.
  • Slightly more work intensive method: Get a white hoodie and arrange gauze bandages horizontally across the back of the jacket and fix in place with thread or non-toxic fabric glue. For the back legs, just wrap the borrow corners of each side of the jacket around your pet’s legs to figure out the circumference, then make a few stitches toward the bottom leaving space for your cute little mummy to do their “business.”





Dog Bones

This costume has a few options. You can either follow the directions to make your own non-toxic paint or purchase something like PetPaint and google some images for animal skeletons and get to painting something similar to what was done to the dog, horse and cow in this article.

Or, you can simply throw a black hoodie or t-shirt on your pet. Wrap the bottom corners of each side of the jacket around your dog’s back legs to figure out the circumference and then make a few stitches toward the bottom of the leg, leaving the bottom open for the dog to freely do their “business.” For larger dogs, you may need to pair that hoodie with a pair of black shorts or cut off leggings, again with the “business” zone open. Then glue white felt that has been cut into bone shapes or paint some bones directly onto the fab. Either way, make sure the paint is not toxic, and if you go with the shirt/sweatshirt option, leave plenty of room for your pet to do their business.


Ghost Dog


Ghost Dogs. Not a klan of any sort.

A costume that also sounds like a rap or DJ name.

For this one, all you need is a white, twin size sheet, a strip of elastic, a black marker or pen, needle and thread, and a dog that is laid back and chill enough to allow you to throw a sheet over his head.

Instructions on ghostifying your pup:

1- Start by arranging the sheet over your dog, including the head, so that it falls evenly all around.
2- Pin the spots that hang past the dog’s feet so that you know where to cut it — you want the sheet length to be just above your dog’s feet so that they won’t trip over the edges.
3- With your marker or pen, mark the spots where your dogs eyes, ears and snout are, so that you know where to make holes — do not cut the holes while your dog has the sheet over his head! Also, make a small mark at the spot where his neck is so you will know where to attach the length of elastic, which is to keep the sheet from sliding off while your dog is moving around.
4- Once you have everything marked, take the sheet off, cut the holes for the ears, eyes and nose, making sure the holes are not too big but are big enough for your dog to see clearly, cut the edges of the sheet so that the dog’s feet will be free of any excess fabric, and attach the elastic on the inside of the fabric at the neck so that there is a neckband to hold the fabric onto the head and body securely.


Wedding Dogs

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 3.42.20 PM

These dogs are Bride and Groom, but they totally support gay marriage

Bride and Groom, Groom and Groom, Bride and Bride – whichever way you want your dogs to swing, this costume is super easy and sure to look cute, while causing only minimal annoyance to your pets.

Bride: Glue lace fabric to a ribbon, which is then tied around the dogs face and knotted into a bow, or tied around the neck and attached to the collar. Decorate the vail if you so choose.

Groom: A simple bow tie will suffice. If your dog is chill enough, you can try adding elastic to a top hat and looping it around the dogs head, although I do not imagine this lasting for too long.


Remember, this is all just fun and games, likely way more fun for you than for your pup. So, with that in mind: don’t be a jerk. If they seem unhappy, take off the costume – then they can just embrace their nakedness and dress like a 20-year-old on spring break, or anyone in SF.

Post pics of your dogs in costume to the comments section, so all of us crazy dog people can enjoy.

Happy Halloween!


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