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The SF Mayoral Debate Drinking Game

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Tonight is the first and perhaps only 2015 San Francisco Mayoral Debate, and in our modern democracy any political debate calls for a drinking game. The 6:30 p.m. debate is being streamed live on the League of Women Voters website and the SFGovTV YouTube channeland we’re supplying this San Francisco Mayoral Debate drinking game to make your engagement in public policy discussion feel a little less dorky.

NOTE: If you are attending this League of Women Voters mayoral debate in person at the UCSF Mission Bay Genentech Hall, realize it is the custom that you not drink alcohol there.


Image: sergious via Flickr


Below we list the occasions on which you take a sip or a shot while watching this debate. The goal, of course, is to get intoxicated, while performing your civic duty.  You take a sip of beer/wine for certain debate occurrences as they happen and you do a shot of hard liquor for others. All of these debate occurrences are listed below. Please drink responsibly and do not vote by absentee ballot while drunk.

Do a Shot if… Anyone makes a moustache joke.

Sip a Beer if… Stuart says the word “poop”.

Do a Shot if… Someone other than Stuart slips and says the word “broke-ass”.

Sip a Beer if… The name ‘Ron Conway’ is mentioned.

Do a Shot if… Eviction Free SF interrupts the debate with a ruckus.

Sip a Beer if… A candidate claims to have “a blueprint”.

Do a Shot if… Regrets are expressed that Starchild, Chicken John or Lucretia Bermudez were not invited to this debate.

Sip a Beer if… A candidate calls him or herself “progressive”.

Do a Shot if… The term “Idaho stop” is mentioned.

Sip a Beer if… Anyone utters the phrase “1-2-3..”

Do a Shot if… Anyone calls for a moratorium.

Sip a Beer if… Someone mentions Airbnb.

Do a Shot if… Anybody says “cakewalk”.

Sip a Beer if… The name ‘Shrimp Boy’ comes up.

Do a Shot if… “Teachers can’t afford to live here” comes up.

Sip a Beer if… Someone takes credit for getting a Super Bowl that was actually awarded to Santa Clara.

Do a Shot if… Someone else notes that the 49ers suck too much this year to be in the Super Bowl.

Sip a Beer if… A candidate says “When I’m mayor…” in a tone that indicates they actually think they’re going to win.

The Mayor Forum will be taped by SFGOVTV for later broadcast on San Francisco Cable Channels 26 and 78.  Video of the forum will also be available at and

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