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Housing Activists Decorate Airbnb HQ With Protest Signs

Updated: Nov 03, 2015 06:40
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Photo: Coalition on Homeless #SF

Roughly 1PM today, Monday November 2nd, housing and homeless activist occupied Airbnb HQ in San Francisco.  Chanting things like “No more displacement in this city”and releasing messaged signs attached to balloons into the vaulted atrium.  Airbnb has been accused of worsening SF’s housing crisis and adding to it’s homeless population. Airbnb has spent over $8 million on a campaign to stop a proposition that will add regulation to their business model.  San Francisco will vote on prop F in tomorrow’s election.  Nov 3rd.

Representatives from the Coalition on Homelessness, CA Nurses Union, Causa Justa and of course the Brass Liberation Orchestra, were on hand to chant, protest, and occupy the 25 billion dollar corporation.

The message from Causa Jusa Instagram was:

“Short-term rental companies like you and VRBO have taken 2000+ rental units off the market in SF. We have some of the lowest vacancy rates and highest rents in the country – “Homelessness. Love, AirBnB,” Guess what? SF is a #CityNot4Sale”

Clearly a response to Airbnb’s widely criticized ad campaign extolling their tax contributions to the city and telling the municipality how it should be used.  The campaign drew local and national scorn, and was taken down within days to avoid further embarrassment.

air bnb library

Airbnb’s October ad campaign was widely criticized for its condescending and tone def nature

Video by SFWeekly Staff writer Julia Carrie Wong

Representative from the CA nurses Union says:


The protesters quite brilliantly attached their signs to balloons which suspended in air, protesters booed when Airbnb staff tried to remove them


After chanting and demonstrating at Airbnb HQ the protesters set out free food for the homeless and tenants who came to participate in the action and speak-out.  Then, after 90 minutes they cleaned up after themselves and left, ‘to get back to work’.

If you’re curious about Prop F and what it actually means to SF, a housing attorney explains it here.

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  1. Landstander
    November 2, 2015 at 3:17 pm

    You’d think someone would ask – how much housing stock is missing because of cooperate housing. What about all of the probably-illegal Academy or Art housing that fills blocks of downtown? What about housing held vacant as investments, often by overseas buyers? And what about 2nd, 3rd and 4th homes held by wealthy landowners who rarely use their units?

    There is a lot of housing in this city not being used to house residents, and it appears that AirBnB is only one small part of the problem. I would love to have a seen a comprehensive ballot measure to ensure housing of all types is kept available for people who actually want to live here. Instead we get an AirBnB witch hunt.

  2. Mike Talley
    November 2, 2015 at 3:47 pm

    It’s hardly a “witch hunt” against AB&B. They’re the most vocal and arrogant offenders and therefore a good place to start a revolution against housing abuse.