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Costumes, Punks, Die Antwoord. Beach Goth IV (PHOTOS)

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Hang Ten & Die

I wasn’t really sure what to expect as I drove down to Santa Ana for the Beach Goth IV Festival. Honestly I hadn’t done a hell of a lot of research but just going on general impressions I pretty much figured that it was right up my alley- after all, I like the color black, I enjoy the beach, Southern California agrees with me, and the line-up was eclectic as fuck.

Youths of today

In its fourth year, this festival has exploded into a massive two day festival located at the Observatory in Santa Ana. The grounds where filled with tongue-in-cheek graveyards bidding adieu to Punk Rock and lamenting deaths due to a marijuana overdose over which towered a gigantic skeletal hand flashing the sign of the beast. Garlands of beach ball, weed leaf and pill shaped piñatas were strung between the trees.

Ire Times Punk is Deadish Saw “awwwwwww”

Ok, now to the good shit. The line up? Un-fucking-real. At any given time there were three to four stages showing live music, live performances of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and Selena impersonation contests, so it was impossible to take it all in. Big name acts such as Die Antwoord, Juicy J, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Subhumans, Wanda Jackson, Eagles of Death Metal, George Clinton, Parliament-Funkadelic, The Mummies, and The Growlers, just to name a few. And there were some surprise appearances by Warren G and Pauly Shore. It was overwhelming, and in the best way possible.

Subhumans The Mummies Wanda Jackson Eagles of Death Metal The Coathangers Nobunny Die Antwoord, Photo by Kit Friday Dungen Crowded as hell

I’m a naturally sort-of-creepy person so people watching is one of my favorite activities and wee doggie. There were some great costumes. It was truly a weekend to step up your freak A-game. It was 24/7 Halloween and those kids know how to put a look together.

Space cases Party time, excellent


All in all, it was everything my little black heart could desire. Good tunes, great costumes, friendly folks, and warm weather. My only regret is not stepping up my costume game, but there is always next year…

All photos by Melissa Dale

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