Pauly Shore

06 Nov 2015

Costumes, Punks, Die Antwoord. Beach Goth IV (PHOTOS)

The line up? Un-fucking-real. At any given time there were three to four stages showing live music, live performances of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and Selena impersonation contests, so it was impossible to take it all in. Big name acts such as Die Antwoord, Juicy J, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Subhumans, Wanda Jackson, Eagles of Death Metal, George Clinton, Parliament-Funkadelic, The Mummies, and The Growlers, just to name a few

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18 Jan 2011

A Case For Showing Up to Jury Duty Service

I can’t deny it; I’m a pretty busy lady, days filled with “do I have to move the car for street cleaning today?” followed often by the “Who can find my car first?: Parking enforcers v. Me” game, which in SF is about to get a whole lot more challenging,

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