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Lane Moore: Comedian You Should Know

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Photo courtesy of Mindy Tucker

Ever wish you could get on stage, browse some Tinder profiles, and make a show of it?

Too late, Lane Moore beat you. Sorry, not sorry.

Moore — a comedian, writer, editor, musician, producer, comic book scribe, and web series creator — takes her talent to the stage in interactive comedy show Tinder Live! every month in New York. The show focuses on Tinder (but we probably didn’t have to spell that out for you), and the wacky world that occupies the minds and loins of countless Millennials from coast to coast. With live calls to Tinder folks, real-time swiping, and general tomfoolery, Tinder Live! has already been recognized by Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, The Guardian, and more for its wackiness and all-too-real moments.

Before she embarks on her next show, featuring the cast from Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter, this Thursday January 7 at The Bell House, Moore gave us a sneak peek behind the magnificent madness that is Tinder Live! (along with her opinion on the pizza vs. burrito debate).

1. Previously when you and I connected, you told me that the inspiration behind Tinder Live was “inspired by the fact the fact that everyone is on Tinder and everyone pretty much hates it.” Can you expand on this thought, and how it lead to the creation of Tinder Live!?

I really just wanted to create an environment that could take this often isolating, confounding experience of trying to find someone amazing in a sea of weirdos and turn it into this room full of people who were all in it together. That’s exactly what happened.

2. What are your top favorite moments of Tinder Live!, so far? What made them great?

Watching the women from Orange Is The New Black analyze profiles was beyond thrilling. Having celebrities and musicians on the show is a major source of joy for me and a lot of people in the audience, partly because the person on Tinder has no idea that in a way, they’re live chatting with Yoga Jones. I also love when someone I’m messaging with is in on the joke and just thinks what I’m saying to them is hilarious. I really do everything in my power to make it a positive show. I like to think that if the guys on the screen turned out to be in the audience, they’d still be able to get laid after.

3. In your opinion, what is the future for online dating apps? Do you think they will fall out of favor? Will people become more dependent on them? Nothing?

I have nothing against dating apps and it just seems like a natural progression from dating websites. Dating sites are always going to be there. I would love to see more real-life meet cutes though. That’d be so great.

Photo courtesy of Mindy Tucker

4. Besides Tinder Live!, what other projects are you working on lately?

My band It Was Romance just put out our first album and our first music video, so I’m currently working on the second music video for that album, as well as our next album. And I’m working on approximately ten different top secret things that I hope to be able to tell you more about soon. You’ll have to keep your eyes glued to my Twitter and Instagram for the time being. If nothing else because I sometimes post pictures of sloths.

5. You have a lot going on at any given moment. When things get overwhelming, what motivates you to keep producing awesome work?

Both are tied to each other, actually. I tend to get overwhelmed because I want to keep producing awesome work. I’m a little insatiable that way.

6. What’s your most embarrassing moment on stage?

When I see a profile of someone I actually kind of like, although I also love these moments. It just feels weird to see someone you’re into on a show where you’re supposed to be cool and casual.

7. New York is known for pizza, while San Francisco is all about the burrito. Which is better? Defend your answer. 

I’m not sure if I’m arguing foods or cities, but I’m going to go with San Francisco because I know NYC well but I’ve never been to SF and literally everyone I’ve ever met from there was the coolest person. Do I get one of those cool houses now?

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