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All 43 SF Fire Stations Have Restrooms Open to The Public

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SF Fire Stations are required to keep their ground floor bathrooms open to the public between 9am – 6pm.  This is a little known policy that is not well publicized, or written on signs.  In fact, the only way the homeless may hear about it is through word of mouth.

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SF Fire Station. Photo: Walid’sPics

Public sanitation is important.  By ignoring the needs of human beings living on our streets we endanger them and the general health of our city.  Ignoring the needs of our most vulnerable citizens is not a policy, it is simply irresponsible governance.

The SFFD policy allows firefighters to deny access to anyone who appears inebriated or to deny access if they need to leave the station to fight a fire or go on a call outside the station.  This is yet another responsibility we drape on our firefighters because our municipality has not acted.  There are many alternatives to having the disenfranchised defecate on public streets and sidewalks.  This video outlines many of them:

We have Human Rights Activist Michael Petrelis to thank for the policy that allows public access to fire station bathrooms.  His single voice campaign in 2015 persuaded SFPD to enact a policy allowing expanded toilet access.  The memo sent to all SF firehouses from the Deputy Chief of Operations back 2015 is here.

You see someone in need, tell them about this policy, we have fire stations all over the city:

Bathroom Locations By SF Fire Stations

        Station 1


935 Folsom at 5th Street



       Station 2


1340 Powell Street at Broadway


        Station 3


1067 Post Street at Polk Street


        Station 4
449 Mission Rock at 3rd Street 
        Station 5


1301 Turk Street at Webster Street


        Station 6
135 Sanchez Street at Henry Street
        Station 7


2300 Folsom Street at 19th Street


        Station 8
36 Bluxome Street at 4th Street
        Station 9


2245 Jerrold Avenue at Upton Street


        Station 10 655 Presidio Avenue at Bush Street
        Station 11


3880 26th Street at Church Street


        Station 12 1145 Stanyan Street at Grattan Street
        Station 13


530 Sansome Street at Washington Street


        Station 14 551 26th Avenue at Geary Boulevard
        Station 15


1000 Ocean Avenue at Phelan Avenue


        Station 16 2251 Greenwich Street at Fillmore Street
        Station 17


1295 Shafter Avenue at Ingalls Street


        Station 18 1935 32nd Avenue at Ortega Street
        Station 19


390 Buckingham Way at Winston Street


        Station 20 285 Olympia Way at Clarendon Avenue
        Station 21


1443 Grove Street at Broderick Street



        Station 22 1290 16th Avenue at Irving Street
        Station 23


1348 45th Avenue at Judah Street



        Station 24
100 Hoffman Avenue at Alvarado Street
        Station 25


3305 3rd Street at Cargo Way



        Station 26 80 Digby Street at Addison Street
        Station 28


1814 Stockton Street at Greenwich Street



        Station 29 299 Vermont Street at 16th Street
        Station 31


441 12th Avenue at Geary Boulevard



        Station 32 194 Park Street at Holly Park Circle
        Station 33


8 Capital Street at Broad Street



        Station 34 499 41st Avenue at Geary Boulevard
        Station 35


Pier 22½, The Embarcadero at Harrison Street



        Station 36 109 Oak Street at Franklin Street
        Station 37


798 Wisconsin Street at 22nd Street



        Station 38 2150 California Street at Laguna Street
        Station 39


1091 Portola Drive at Miraloma Drive



        Station 40 2155 18th Avenue at Rivera Street
        Station 41


1325 Leavenworth Street at Jackson Street



        Station 42 2430 San Bruno Avenue at Silver Avenue
        Station 43


720 Moscow Street at France Avenue



        Station 44
1298 Girard Street at Wilde Avenue
        Station 48


800 Avenue I at 10th Street, Treasure Island



     Station 51 
218 Lincoln Blvd at Keyes Avenue


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