Police Kill Unarmed Woman; Suhr Resigns

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Homicidal Police.

False Reports.

Racist Texts.

Hunger Strikes.

Protest Marches.

Supervisor Dissent.

None were enough to convince Mayor Ed Lee that the San Francisco Police Department has a problem.



But shit adds up. The lies, the murders, the marches, and the screaming – they add up. And today, when police murdered an unarmed black woman in the Bayview, the shit finally came crashing down right the fuck onto Ed Lee’s face.


Mayor Ed Lee. image from SF Gate

In what amounts to an admission of abject failure, Lee asked Greg Suhr to resign as San Francisco’s Chief of Police. That Suhr wasn’t fired outright speaks to Lee’s inability to grasp the depth of the issue — but not nearly as loudly as his statement to the press:

“The past several months have shaken and divided our City, and tensions between law enforcement and communities of color that have simmered for too many years have come into full view,” Lee said.

“Though the facts are still emerging, we know that this morning, a young woman of color was killed in an officer-involved shooting in the Bayview. The community is grieving, and I join them in that grief.”

So Ed, if you happen to stumble across this, here’s some news that might be hard to hear: this is not your city. When citizens wrote to you, you didn’t read. When they screamed, you didn’t listen. When they marched, you hid. When they asked for compassion, you destroyed their homes. When they came to your door out of fear for the lives of their friends and families and neighbors, you didn’t let them in. You are a money-blind old man and you are a coward.



As a failure, you are legendary. As a man, you’ve got work to do.

Something tells me you might have plenty of time for self-reflection coming up soon.

Police Chief Greg Suhr

Former Police Chief Greg Suhr

And to you, ol’ Greg, well—may you experience a deep and profound realization of the blood on your hands. I wish you nothing but the worst. So long, you piece of shit.

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Jason Crase

Jason Crase

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  1. D_burr
    May 20, 2016 at 1:34 am

    Jesus, Who the hell is this dude. Jason Crase? Someone needs a benzo script…the broke ass stuart blog..where decent writers just pretend to be huge dicks to be different from those other writers.

    Unless youre from the city yourself i dont know why you think you get to check anyone on their city status. If you’re a fellow native son, my bad, the frisco fronting has become an epidemic. As fr Ed, he’s whatever. Gavin, Willie, Moscone all come to mind as sav’s. Of course Ed won’t be remembered as one. I dont get the widespread hatred of dude. Whatd he do aside from being an old boring chinese guy? Cite real things, not police killings he didnt actually commit or scandals he happened to be in office during. What did HE do. Also, what the hell did Greg do? I guessss i understand blaming leaders for minions dust ups, but thats also bullshit. Having been the guy with the “in charge” title, i can assure you, when dealing with adults who make decisions on their own, being “in charge” only goes so far. Greg doesnt “have blood on his hands”, i dont think the officers who actually killed people even did. Lets be above pointless dramatics. Suhr was respected across the board, and interestingly enough, African American leaders found him to be especially present and committed. Go figure. A reminder to anyone trying to ‘make it’ on the bay area reporting scene, most narratives here are repeated robotically. Mission local, SFist, Hoodline, 48Hills, anyone like that, all repeat the same shit, some are more down to admit theres an opposing opinion, others ignore opposition and objective facts entirely. You dont need to hate Greg Suhr to fit in. He was cool. People liked him. He got screwed. Thats honestly what most people think now, most people just keep to themselves and dont need to be heard. In 5-10 years, Suhr being chill will be the unanimously accepted version of events, i promise. If you honestly despise Suhr then fasho. This just all feels played out and regurgitated at this point. New topic.

  2. Gryff
    May 20, 2016 at 4:22 pm

    It’s a shame that Suhr caved to the libtards. As for unarmed, the thieving bitch was driving a 2,000 pound deadly weapon. She bought a ticket with her stupidity, so she won a stupid prize.