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Roy Choi & Daniel Patterson’s Locol Oakland Location Finally Opening!

Updated: May 26, 2016 18:24
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Locol’s Oakland Uptown location is opening on May 25th! It was in January 2016 that I alerted readers that Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson were in the makings of opening a Locol in the old Plum brick and mortar in Oakland. We waited…and waited. And we hadn’t heard not a fucking whisper about it ever again. In early May, the Locol FB page announced it started hiring for their Oakland spot. Then on May 18, they posted photos with hashtags #‎almosttherebutstillnotbutwearehere #‎nextweekish. I was chomping at the bit. 

Well, it’s finally here! On May 25, Oakland residents will be able to savor the kinds of fast food flavors people crave, with the same price point we peons are comfortable with. While their Oakland menu options are $1 more than their Watts location – I’m sure we all know who to thank for this – the most expensive thing on their menu (noodle bowls) are $7. This means you can get one of their “foldies” (which is a quesadilla), some crunchies (meat or veggie nuggets), a burger and a drink for $15! Not to mention they’re using healthy and quality ingredients.

We’re still waiting on that East Oakland location, which is good bad for me because it’ll be a lot closer to my house. Idealistically it stands to be a positive addition for those that reside around the forthcoming location because Locol aims to employ, what looked like to me from the photos, long-time residents of The Town. 

Mad big ups to the duo for their groundbreaking success on their Watts location. Catch me on Wednesday, May 25 at 2214 Broadway.

I’ll be the one purchasing $15 worth of food.

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