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Seven Puerto Rican Websites You Should Know About

Updated: Jul 06, 2016 17:51
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This is a list of Puerto Rican websites you should definitely check out. Old San Juan has some terrible food options. The siren song of the ho-hum and generic itinerary is luring. Between the constant staccato of tourist roller bags on the cobalt cobblestone streets and the young generation preferring mainland fast food chains to the food of their grandmothers…mediocre eateries and attractions are a plethora.  But, these websites will push you towards lesser known paths. Rent a car. Hire a taxi for the day. Get out of the city. Not only is shit cheaper, but it’s like a billion degrees cooler. You’re welcome.


1. Only in Puerto Rico Tumblr |

A visual diary of Puerto Rico. All photos belong to the account owners, taken on their daily travels on the island and beyond. But, mostly the island.

2. Puerto Rico Day Trips |

A couple from New Jersey moves to PR in 2003 and creates the most ridiculously in-depth website containing itineraries, facts, how-to’s and photos organized by region and visitor type. If you want to know how impossible it is to take a ferry from Fajardo to Vieques (although many tourist books say it’s possible), you want to read this fucking website. Regularly updated.

3. La Respuesta |

If you want the honest truth on what’s happening with the diaspora on the mainland and the island, La Respuesta is a no holds bar news website catered to the younger generation. “In response to [Puerto Rican’s] growing presence and ongoing impact, La Respuesta seeks to invoke a claim to our histories and announce our stories. We do this by highlighting our assets and distinct experiences, agitating discussion on the crucial issues and addressing the obstacles that we face.” Start with this article about the gentrification of Santurce, which is the new “happening” neighborhood. Which means you’ll most likely visit it on your next trip.

4. Coopiloto |

Co-pilot is a website for ridesharing. While car is king in Puerto Rico, if you’re too afraid to drive yourself (inner city driving is California insane), you’re gonna be stuck with taxis. And the taxi union is strong. However, El Nuevo Dia just announced that Uber is coming this summer, so….the cab dudes are fucked. But, if you want to avoid all of that and just hitch a ride to Rincon or something, check out this site.

5. Puerto Rico Eats |

Where to eat in Puerto Rico. Myriam is an attorney and a relatively new mother who lives in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico. She tries to cover the complete food experience of Puerto Rico; from food trucks to foie gras.


6. La Mafia |

Is a two-year old blog that shares the information on all the new and hipster eateries, with a emphasis on local pride. Need to know where to acquire the small business Donas Aymat doughnuts that remind you of the fresh, old-school, glazed Hostess style doughnuts before they went to shit? La Mafia will tell you. Want to track down a local and sustainable boutique steak? La Mafia.

7. Humanos de Puerto Rico

Inspired by the Humans of New York project, this blog features portraits and interviews harvested from the people of Puerto Rico. Hasn’t been updated in a while.

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