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29 Jan 2024

Have Y’all Ever Been to San Francisco’s Mount Olympus?

For those who have never heard of Ashbury Heights, a literally lofty micro neighborhood above Cole Valley, don’t worry: You’re one thousand percent not alone. Possibly just to appease property developers, possibly because it has actually been a Thing for a long time, the small area at the bottom of

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24 Jul 2023

Here’s Where to Start Surfing in NorCal Before The Apocalypse

As the world gets hotter and hotter each year, tides rising quick enough to make Kevin Costner’s Waterworld-ass head spin, it’s hard to see any silver linings. That’s because there aren’t any silver linings. Not sure Joan Didion could write a wry yet deeply insightful essay out of all the

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24 Apr 2023

How to Spend A Sunny Day in Bolinas

BY DAVID COPPIN LANEGAN When you swing into Bolinas off Highway One, you’re probably pissed. You likely spent the last forty minutes winding through the hills north of the city at fifteen an hour, stuck behind a flock of road bikers stuffed into bright neon tights that look like the

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03 Nov 2022

Are Fare Inspectors Worth What MUNI Pays Them?

Maybe you always pay to ride. Maybe you’ve been busted once or twice. Perhaps you never pay, getting by on God’s good humor. No matter what, on every MUNI trip you take, San Franciscans from each category ride with you. Fare inspectors are neither third-party rent-a-cops nor officers of the

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04 Aug 2022

America’s First Craft Brewery is in San Francisco

With its roots beginning in the Gold Rush, San Francisco’s Steam Beer has been brewed here for at least 150 years.

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27 May 2022

What I Miss Most When Traveling Outside of The Bay Area

Traveling outside of the Bay Area for more than a weekend, you instantly start to find that you begin to miss home. Not because you’re not in a beautiful place or because you’re somehow unsatisfied with your vacation. You miss it because there’s no other place like it. Beyond the

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06 May 2022

The Artist Behind San Francisco’s Hidden Mosaic Staircases

As a local, I’m sure you’ve had many a touristy friends ask you what locals-only hidden gems are worth seeing in SF. For me, I always suggest finding some of San Francisco’s not so hidden – hidden stairs. Their bright cheerful colors always brings a smile to your face and

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29 May 2018

The ‘Largest Winery in the World’ is Abandoned in Richmond, CA

Hidden East Bay Wonders brings you everything weird, whimsical and wonderful in the East Bay. This week: the abandoned Winehaven winery in Richmond.