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Amazing Trump Statue Appears in The Castro SF

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trump statue

Photo: Judith Shavar

San Francisco (CA) – Donald Trump visited the Castro in the buff this morning, in the form of a very curious piece of public art.  Nobody ever thought they would see Donald Trump in Jane Warner Plaza outside of the historic Twin Peaks Tavern like this.  Unfortunately by the time you get down there, the odds are the city will have had him removed.

trump feet emperor

Photo: Judith Shavar  “The Emperor Has No Balls” by ‘INDECLINE’

Notice the attention to detail on this fine work of art, the photo realistic and translucent skin allowing a view of Trumps subtle blue veins underneath, and of course the carefully measured and anatomically accurate micro-penis on full display.  We are reaching out to the Trump camp in order to confirm whether or not Trump in fact ‘Has No Balls” as the statue’s title insinuates.

trump micro

Photo: Judith Shavar

The statue’s full title is “The Emperor Has No Balls” and is credited to ‘INDECLINE’ or ‘Iиdecliиe‘ as they spell it using Cyrillic ‘N’s. They are a guerilla artist crew out of San Diego who placed several statues in different cities across the country this morning.  Here is the one found in south side of Union Square Park in NY, and there are confirmed statues in LA and Seattle as well.

trump statue

image: (DNAinfo/Kathleen Culliton)

There is also an awesome video of the sculpting and paining process involved in the making of these statues by Indicline.  And if you’d like to check out more of their other vids and activist art check them out at:

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